JCU Events Behind the Crime 2023 - Murder on the Endeavour

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Thu, 30 Nov 2023

Behind the Crime 2023 - Murder on the Endeavour

When: 30 November 2023, 6pm -- 8:30pm

Where: JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield
Room 001,

Have you ever wondered how major crimes are solved in our community?

This is your chance to hear from lead Investigator, lead Scientific Officer and Consultant Crown Prosecutor who successfully prosecuted Matthew White for the 2017 murder of Cooktown mother, Donna Steele.

This Behind the Crime presentation of Murder on The Endeavour, is the third of its kind to be hosted in Cairns. This presentation will look into the seven month long investigation and some of the investigative techniques, crime scene technology, psychology, DNA and phenotyping that was used to solve this crime.

“There was quite a bit of motivation on the part of the Cooktown community to have the crime solved, there was perception there was a killer in the community whose identity was unknown so by and large the majority of the Cooktown community were prepared to supply their DNA voluntarily.” DSS McGrath

In 2019, then 26-year-old Matthew White was found guilty of murdering 42-year-old Cooktown Mother, Donna Steele in August 2017.

Police together with SES volunteers conducted lengthy searches in and around Cooktown before the 42-year-old’s body was found in Isabella Creek at Leggett’s Crossing in the Endeavour River on August 6.

Behind the Crime will tell the story behind how the tenacity of police and crown prosecutors brought this offender to justice.

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Event Conditions: Cameras, mobile phones, videos and other audio and visual recording devices are not permitted. These presentations could contain adult themes, therefore children (under the age of 18), are not recommended to attend.

Behind the Crime is an initiative of the Far North District Community Supporting Police Inc. and the Queensland Police Service – Far North District, Far Northern Region.

Contact details:

Police Chaplain Luke Smallwood | 0407 761 950 | smallwood.LukeJ@police.qld.gov.au