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Mon, 27 Nov 2023

Researchers have created a game designed for teenagers to learn about potential hazards on the farm and how to reduce injury risk.

Fri, 24 Nov 2023
A group of James Cook Ƶ and national and international collaborating researchers have received a $5 million grant to advance management of a deadly disorder...

Wed, 22 Nov 2023
James Cook Ƶ scientists say a common tropical bee species is vulnerable to widely-used insecticides – which will decrease their heat tolerance at the ...

Thu, 16 Nov 2023
Complacency could be a killer if people are unprepared to face the next natural disaster in northern Queensland, according to a James Cook Ƶ expert.

Wed, 8 Nov 2023
A rare lizard that has eluded scientists for more than 40 years has been found living in north-east Queensland.

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New research reveals people who focus deeply on music can have strong emotional reactions...
14 Nov 2023
20 October 2023 Defence's Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) is a key data contributor to...
14 Nov 2023
The decayed remains of a creature washed up on a beach in Papua New...
14 Nov 2023
October 28, 2023 Assistant public service minister Patrick Gorman has called for Australia's best...
14 Nov 2023
Two out of every five amphibian species are threatened with extinction according to a...
14 Nov 2023

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